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Be a leader in business with "Business Leader"!

Be a leader in business with "Business Leader"!
About company

About company

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Just agree that it is nice to the question of the foreign customer “Do you speak English?” to reply with dignity “Yes, I do!”

How cool sitting on negotiations with foreign partners to keep up a conversation with dignity, rather than wait, wearing a stretched smile on your face and helplessly looking at the partner, till the interpreter translates a foreign language for you! And suddenly he will miss a detail, on which the contract depends?

English today is a necessary business accessory, but only of an intellectual level, which is fashionably called 'must have'!

So that you really 'have' it, 'You must do it'! And “You can do it' very successfully with 'Business Leader'.

Welcome to our company!

About company
These are 17 years of successful teaching business English and German on business in Ukraine.
Our date of foundation is 1997.
Our school was established on the basis of the centre of intensive methods of learning foreign languages, where the best teachers were selected on a competitive basis. The result of this is "The patent for useful model of learning foreign languages" of the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine.
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Our guarantees
1. We guarantee you will be speaking to a higher level at the end of each semester
2. Only convenient for you lesson time (morning, afternoon, evening)
3. We will consider all your suggestions and requests
What do we suggest?
- corporate learning English and German language groups (3-4 people)
- individual language learning (VIP program)
- intensive language
- training for managers and employees;
- prepartaion for business trips and interships abroad;
- conducting targeted training, role-playing games depending on your needs (presentations, negotiations, etc.)
- individual counselling
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Customers' feedback
  • Evgen Ivanov
    IT Support manager

    Actually, I am very glad to cooperate and learn English with Business Leader. The results are fantastic. Before English was a fear for me. I could not speak in private life at all. Now it`s piece of care! Email in English? Few minutes and it is dоne =)

  • Andrey Shcherbina

    It’s a great company. They are excellent teachers, interesting classes and homework. The program is well-organized and everybody can find out something new. Thank you!

  • Irina Mazhera
    Premium Banking manager

    I have been doing English course with Bisiness Leader since October, 2012 and I can not even express my emotions concerning visiting this course!Firstly, I have never met such inspiting, positive and energetic people like Tatiana Valerievna! She is the best teacher I have ever had in my life (mind, I had splendid teachers). Her manner of making students to be interested in subject is excellent. She can make a tree to speak English! Secondly, the methods of teaching are perfect. Every time I can hardly wait the next lesson. Now it is part and parsel of my every day life.

  • Anastasiya Kalacheva
    Secretary of Director

    I really like English classes with Natasha! She devotes much time and attention to oral communication, that (as for me) is the most effective way to learn a foreign language. In class we read interesting articles, go through interesting tests, discuss the latest news and share our impressions of some events in life. The main distinguishing feature of "Business Leader “ is that it does not "shove" dry theory but presents the language in an interesting manner. You just want to study!!

  • Sergey Herbut
    Head of department

    Thank Mrs. Tatiana Krivoshey for the masterful approach to teaching English. Thanks to her, I really felt the positive developments in the study of language and believed in myself. I would also like to thank for her constant optimism and the positive things that you feel every time from the beginning of classes. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Teaching Methods
Just imagine a little kid. He listens to the way the adults speak, repeats after them, studies letters, syllables, says single words. After some time he starts speaking with complex sentences. At the same time the child doesn't know what the noun, past participle and so on in his sentence are. He will learn all these grammar phenomena when he starts scnool.

All courses in English, we have faced, base their training on the rules. What's the result of such teasing ?
You have studied the rules well, but after 6 months - all your knowledge goes down the drain.
You will not be able to speak freely, to feel confident, to be on a friendly footing with your English . Rules are far from being a living language!

Our methods: the learned material remains in a long-term memory.
Only in this case the necessary words, phrases will automatically flow from your tongue at the right time and the right place. To make a long-term memory work, words, phrases, patterns have to be used no less than 184 times in various types of language activity. How do we do that? This is our task. This is the secret of our methodology. The main thing is that you will be 100% interested and fun,and the lesson will pass intensively and efficiently.

At each lesson we adhere to such a scheme:

1. We develop your vocabulary
2. We expand the language skills by organising words into the language units
3. We fill the language units with vocabulary and grammar
4. We organise numerous creative studying throughout the lesson. Don't worry! You won't get bored! Repetition is organised in a way that is invisible to you.
5. Vocabulary, grammar, phonetic exercises, games, tasks, etc.
6. 90% of the material you have already learned at the lesson
7. Only 10% of the material is transferred to the homework to consolidate the studied material and keep your brain in a good shape until the next class

Success is that all tasks need to be in a special sequence and a logic manner according to our method.

A practice session is:

- audiovisual method involves the use of modern 'gadgets'
- We work with authentic coursebooks only, video and audio courses
- 20% of the lesson - practical grammar with 'corporate' vocabulary
- 70% of the lesson - speaking practice
- 10% of the lesson - business correspondence

The result is:

1. You can automatically play in the process of communicating all that is learned in class.
2. The language barrier is already moving away from you forever.
3. Positive mood throughout the lesson

To relax a bit we use musical pauses, puzzle games and others.
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Our awards and achievements (certificates)
- Diploma of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Kyev;
- a letter of thanks from Kyev Regional Directorate JSC «Raiffeisen Bank Aval»;
- Certificate of Honour from company «Ruukki Ukraine»;
- letter of thanks from company «Zeppelin Ukraine»;
- Honourary Diploma JSC «Raiffeisen Bank Aval»
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Our rules and guidelines
We are of the opinion that the business without the rules is not a business! Therefore:
1. We do not have a unified approach to teaching methods, we work with each group and each student individually and creatively to achieve maximum results of your training.
2. We work only with 100% prepayment. Yes, many particularly do not like it. But many companies demand the prepayment per semester, and we demand for a month plus additional classes for those who missed ones for good reason.
3. Do you want to study in bulk and cheaper in a large group? Perhaps you and we are not on the way.
4. We work only with people, aimed at a positive learning outcome. Money is money but the commitment to the idea to teach you a foreign language to us above all!
5. The task like " I have 2 hours to start speaking English with a partner" is negotiated separately.
6. Once a month in each corporate group a representative of the company's management of the customer may be present in the classroom to check progress in learning.
7. In large corporate projects one of the groups or VIP- programme are taught by the company "Business Leader" executives. This approach allows you to quickly control the learning process and make timely adjustments related to the problems that arise in the work of the customer.
8. we work only with business-structures. If you are a housewife or a student, we recommend that you continue your search.
9. If your IQ is below 100, we do not undertake to be responsible for your personal results.
10. If you are still reading our rules, not in anger left our website with thoughts "And what do they think of themselves and who do they think they are?" then perhaps we have to understand each other and we will find a common language much easier.

Do you still have questions or are ready to cooperate? Do not waste your time! Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact us
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