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Be a leader in business with "Business Leader"!

Be a leader in business with "Business Leader"!
Services and prices

Only business English for business and your career

Our customers. We have already got 1770

Services and prices

Practical courses with guaranteed results
- Is it difficult to explain with foreign partners or colleagues? Do you feel that look unconvincing?
- Are you scared to make a mistake in pronunciation, no matter that you are a senior manager or a beginner specialist?
- Have you tried many times to learn English on your own or on the courses? Have you wasted a lot of money with no result?
- Are you ready to start but do not know where to start?

We guarantee you that in half of a semester from the beginning of studying English with us, you will spend twice less time to write a letter to a foreign business partner, speak on general topics without the help of an interpreter, relax, enjoying the easy communication.

"Why are you so sure?" - you say.
Let us explain why we are so confident in your result.
For 17 years we have serviced over 1780 customers. When starting negotiations with our customers in 95% of cases we have seen a clear statisics: each student of the course was already familiar with the English language (German), studied it at school, university, alone or in courses, but faced the same problem:
1. No result
2. No long-term outcome (learned and forgotten after a while).

That is why we have developed a special technique that gives you 100% to the desired result. We are working on 'living' language with the vocabulary in your field which you use in yor work every day.
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Bonuses and gifts
Free Course Books and materials
Yes! You won't have to spend money and time to buy the books. In the first lesson you will be given all the materials you will be working with throughout the semester. We don't sell our course books,only participants receive them. You are also provided with free audio-video materials.
The real certificate
Hang it on the wall in your office or put it on the desktop. It will remind you of your successes. The foreign collegues will appriciate your knowledge and be imbued with respect for you.
Free support
Throughout the course and upon its completion you can get answers to your questions about the language in question-answer mode.
Not sure about the translation or how to make and write your sentence properly? Just call or wtite to your teacher.
Since the end of the course free support for 90 days.
Free absence from the classes
Yes, you really do not need to pay for the classes you were absent. If you have a good reason and you can not attend the session, just notify your teacher. The amount of the cost of the missed lessons will be transferred to the payment of the next month according to the number of the missed classes. It is important to remember that all the gaps are reflected in your results. There can not be more than two such missed classes! Only in such case, the teacher will hold for you individual advice. But if you decide to become the worst truant, your head will know about it very quickly
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How do we gain your results?
- you are learning only in small groups (3-4 people)
- we teach individually (VIP program)
- we devote sufficient time to each student
- we discuss all the arisen questions immediately, which is impossible to achieve if you study in a group of 10-15 people
- classes are held on the territory of your enterprise in a familiar atmosphere for you
- you do not waste your time on transport. We work on the pronciple: «From the ship – to the ball!»
- we lay in what you have learned in a long-term memory by multiple repetition in the lesson that remains almost invisible to you due to the constant change of activity (writing, listening, games, assignments, etc.).

We do not focus on:

- a set of dry rules;
- comprehensive words;
- theorizing and "attempt to be clever".

Yes, we cut unnecessary ballast knowledge that you do not make up for the practical value. That's why you get great results after the first session.

But there is one condition - you must be interested in your progress.
Besides, we do not take for training unmotivated and passive students. Before the training everyone is interviewed and, without fail, tests are performed.

The results of our work you can see in the positive feedback from our customers.
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Who should attend?
- IT
- marketing and advertising
- production
- leadership
- Finance and Accounting
- Management
- bankers and other business areas
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Why independent learning is failing?
Yes, without a doubt, you can learn a foreign language on your own and even achieve some results.

But at the same time:
- you need to have sufficient strength of will;
- you need to have at least 5 hours per week (for self-learning you have to spend twice as much time as long as it is necessary to search for the lesson material);
- you have to be prepared to search for information and interlocutor to practice your speaking skills;
- You will be hard to avoid mistakes in training. It is a common situation: you learn a word or word-combination but it turns out that it is incorrect. You have to retrain;
- the answers to the questions that inevitably arise in you are difficult to find in the available books and textbooks.

Are the supernatural forces worth such small savings? And will the self-learning be really more economical?

It's not hard to calculate. Use this formula: divide the amount of money you received for the work during a month into the quantity of hours spent on this work. You will receive the cost of one hour.

"But I have been studying in my spare time, at this time Ii do not get the money!" - you say. Of course. But in order to work well you need a good rest. In the case of self-studying the lion's share of time is spent on searching the information only and not on self-studying.

Look as you go along with learning the material, how many times you start and give up, how many weeks, months, years does your self-studying strech over? Test your knowlegde or just look at what you have achieved. Calculate how much money and time has been spent to achieve this result and how much you will need to spend more. Isn't it impressive?
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Course Books and levels
We offer 9 levels of English language courses with a duration of 3-4 months at each level.

- Beginners
- Elementary
- Low-Intermediate

- Pre-Intermediate
- Intermediate
- High Intermediate
- Upper-Intermediate

- Advanced
- Proficiency

You will learn the best books of Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Longman and other leading publishers of Great Brirain and the USA as well as audio-visual materials, multimedia and special materials which are based on our technique
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Prices in UAH including VAT.
Depending on the number of groups, the corporate discount is provided!
Number of students in groupsPrice per an academic hour
(45 minutes)
Tuition for 16 ac./Hr.
(2 ac./Hr. х 2 times a WEEK)
Tuition for 24 ac./Hr.
(3 ac./Hr. х 2 times a WEEK)
Individual lesson (VIP-program) 300 4800 7200
A group of 2-3 students 360 5760 8640
A group of 4-5 students 420 6720 10080
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How are the classes held?
How are the classes held?
There are no more than 3-4 students. 17-year experience has shown that, only such a small group achieve maximum efficiency and progress in education.
we divide the groups in terms of knowledge, socail status and age.
we divide the groups in terms of knowledge, socail status and age.
1. We develop the vocabulary
2. We expand the language skills by organising words into the language units
3. We fill the language units with vocabulary and grammar
4. We organise numerous creative studying throughout the lesson. Don't worry! You won't get bored! Repetition is organised in a way that is invisible to you.
5. Vocabulary, grammar, phonetic exercises, games, tasks, etc.
6. 90% of the material you have already learned at the lesson
7. Only 10% of the material is transferred to the homework to consolidate study and keep your brain in a good shape until the next class

Success is that all tasks need to be in a special sequence and a logic manner according to our method.
To relax a bit at the lesson we use musical pauses, puzzle games and others.
A practice session:
- audiovisual method involves the use of modern 'gadgets'
- We work with authentic coursebooks only, video and audio courses
20% of the lesson - practical grammar with 'corporate' vocabulary
70% of the lesson - speaking practice
10% of the lesson - business correspondence
Duration and schedule
A school year consists of three semesters:

- autumn - 3-4 months (September – December)
- the winter-spring - 3 months (January - March)
- the spring-summer - 3-4 months (April - June)

Each semester corresponds to one linguistic level.
Every month there are 8 lessons (2 times a week) or 12 lessons ( 3 times a week)
The duration of a lesson is 90 minutes

Complete training from Beginners to Proficiency is 3 years.
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When is it possible to study?
From 8 a.m. till 9:30 p.m.
- in the morning, before the beginning of the working day (The brein is fresh, the information is perceived and assimilated quickly)
- lunch break at work (The change of activity is always pastime)

Course Schedule is flexible depending on the schedule of the customer.
Students can choose the most convenient time and days of the classes.
The structure of the school year shall be approved together with the management of the customer.
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Progress results and tests
Each month therev is a progress test
Each month there is an oral and written test.
At the end of each school year all students take an oral and written exam.

P.S. During tests and examinations the executives of the customer may be present.

Reports on progress to managers and HR
Each month the teacher of the group sends a report on the progress and the attendance of the students to the company executives and the responsible for the training.
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Forms of payment

You can choose the most convenient way of payment:
payment student
or company

We work only on the prepayment for the month ahead.
Payment by wire transfer to any bank. All bank details are available only after the plan of the classes is approved and the groups are formed.
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The most delicious
PS Self-taught business English is very expensive
You should spend 70% more time only to find the right information for learning;make a learning plan and collect all your strength of will, set aside time to find companions to hone language skills, find time to catch your errorr before the material is laid the level of automaticity. And that's all you need to do at the time when you can gather strength to work or actually work and earn money.
PSS We do not put our customers in the stream
That is why there are no more than 3-4 students in a group, free consultations after and during training. Your progress is the main principle of our teaching. If you are not interested in the successful result, we are obviously the different ways.
PSSS Count the benefits
For 17 years we have served 1780 successful customers who came to the new economic markets, increased sales turnover and found ner business channels. The technique that we use in teaching involves mild form of training - 90% material you lear in class and only 10% of the material is transferred to the homework to consolidate studied.

Do you still have questions or are ready to cooperate? Don't waste your time! Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as posible.

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